About Me

Starting on this journey of becoming a photographer has been quite an experience; it’s been nerve-wracking, exhilarating, testing, yet  life-affirming. I hope you will help me on my road to being the best photographer I can be by reaching out, telling me what you think, joining me on a photo-adventure, or just following my blog.

Photographing since I was a freshman in high school, I received my first DSLR in 2009, and haven’t put it down since. In the beginning, my interests with photography revolved around the process of editing portraits to make them picture perfect, but since then I have grown to love bringing out the best qualities in people through the lens.

My approach to portraits is putting people in an easy, relaxed setting and photographing them at their most comfortable. Your best qualities shine through when you have no obstacles between you and the camera. Once we are done with our session, I take the photos and import them into Adobe Lightroom, and then I digitally clean and edit them to make your photos the best they can be.

All of my sessions include editing in the fee. I never send out photos that haven’t been post-processed because I want to be proud of the work I give to you. My editing style is different from many photographers. Instead of copying and pasting the same settings and effects from photo to photo, I give each photo special attention, and the end result is that two photos in a shoot never come out looking the same.

While my passion lies in session photography, you can also hire me for events! I have worked at weddings, sweet 16s, and even dinner galas. The best thing about event photography is the candidness of every photo. People are so involved with what’s going on around them, they eventually learn to ignore my camera, and you are left with extraordinary photos of your special day.

I love what I do, and I promise to bring you photos you will cherish for a lifetime.