Kimberle|Boston, MA

Wow, guys! It’s crazy for me to be all caught up with my photo shoots! It’s spring break at my school, so I’ve been obsessed with flickr with all this off time.

Anyways, for today, the lovely Kimberle:

KimShoot-87 KimShoot-189-Edit KimShoot-108


It was an abnormally warm day outside (for February in Boston!!) so I dragged my roommate out for some portrait shots. One of our goals was definitely to get her a new LinkedIn photo!


KimShoot-207 KimShoot-25KimShoot-222


I love scarf shots like the one above! They are just too too cute. It probably helps that Kim is too too cute to boot. Speaking of which, below are some funny shots I couldn’t NOT edit, so I thought I’d share them too!


KimShoot-20 KimShoot-182



Next post I got another photo shoot from the guys!




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