Alyssa and Charisimo

Continuing on my catch up game (sorry my lovely and dedicated followers!), I want to share with all of you one of the most exciting shoots I’ve done to date–probably because there was a real live horse involved! Alyssa, who you might remember from another shoot earlier on this year, is a talented horse-back rider, and for her birthday her mom wanted to surprise her with a book filled with pictures of her and her new horse, Charisimo.

AlyssaHorse-4716 AlyssaHorse-4669 AlyssaHorse-4605AlyssaHorse-4637

While I was super excited to do a shoot that involved a horse (cue jumping up and down like a little kid on Christmas morning), I wasn’t completely prepared for the fact that horses have a total mind of their own. Getting some of these shots took some real cleverness from not only Alyssa, but her mom and her coach as well.

AlyssaHorse-4629  AlyssaHorse-4598 AlyssaHorse-4590


This was probably a once in a lifetime opportunity for myself because who knows if I’ll ever get another chance to do a shoot with a horse. If I do get another shot at it, I definitely feel like I’ll be way more prepared for all the variables of what having an animal on a shoot can mean for the photographer!


While I was brainstorming poses I’d want to take of Alyssa with her horse, I came across a beautiful black and white silhouette photo of a girl and her horse in the barn. This was my attempt to recreate that, and I was really happy with the final product.


All my thanks goes to Alyssa and her mom Debbie for giving me this opportunity! They are always helping me grow as a photographer!