Half a year later

I am realizing that I still have photos to share with you from early on this year. I will be posting [hopefully] once a day until I am fully caught up with my shoots from this year. I would love to go into the Christmas Season with ALP all suited up for the holiday season (Legen–wait for it–dary).

Those close to me know that I don’t typically go home for Spring break (the plane tickets!!!!) but this year I was lucky enough to visit friends and family for a week in March. And of course, anytime I’m home for a break I try to pull some shoots together. This time, I had the greatest time doing portraits for Julie:

Julie-3948 Julie-3914Julie-3897

Julie was getting ready for graduation when we did this shoot and preparing for school in NYC, which as a fellow Southern girl moved North, I was super excited to hear! The whole time we were talking and laughing, I think it comes through really clearly that Julie was a natural in front of the camera–one of my favorite shoots to this day.

Julie-4201 Julie-4105 Julie-4046Julie-4069

I loved Julie’s outfit for this shoot, and it soon came up that she hopes to do fashion in the future. Since she’s going to school in NYC, she is well on her way to reaching her dream.

Julie-4052    Julie-3928


I’m sure you’re all with me in wishing Julie the best of luck in the upcoming best four years of her life. Now that I’m coming up to graduation in May, I’m getting those rosy-eyed goggles for the past four years.




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