More From My Winter Collection




As I mentioned in the last post, I am playing a bit of catch up on my site. So here is yet another shoot from early on this year: Sofia!

untitled-3563             untitled-3761untitled-3788

Sofia and I skated together when we were in our early pre-teens. Over the years, as I’ve stalked Sofia’s Facebook (as I’ve been known to do a couple of times in my lifetime), I have really loved Sofia’s sense of style. It never seems like she’s trying too hard; it’s always simple and comfortable (without being sloppy)!

untitled-3704 untitled-3669

I know I’ve said this about a couple of the girls I shoot with, but Sofia has some real stunning eyes. It’s a beautiful green that I could never hope to replicate.

untitled-3653             untitled-3651 untitled-3595

The above photo is one of my favorites simply for the reason that she looks almost ten years younger—to the age that I knew her as when we were skating together. It’s like a little glimpse in the past.


But my real favorite from the shoot is this one. Can’t get enough of it!





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